What Does America Stand For?

We are not about ‘deals’

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So many people – on both sides of the aisle – reacted negatively to the performance of our president yesterday at the Helsinki Summit. During the press conference, and we assume during their private meeting beforehand, Mr. Trump did not challenge Putin on Russian meddling in our elections, which are ongoing. He disregarded the fact that Putin is a thug and a liar; he was most concerned with his notion that they were going to ‘get along.’ Mr. Trump seemed to think that meeting with Putin was for just another business deal. Our president slammed the intelligence bureau, believing Putin’s word over theirs, and he blamed everything – including the poor relations with the Russians – on the Democrats. Talking to Russia is a good thing, being their puppet is another.

In an interview with CBS News’ Jeff Glor, Mr. Trump claimed he loves being president because he can ‘help more people.’ What Mr. Trump doesn’t see is that in his businessman’s approach (if that’s what it is) to ‘helping people,’ he has lost any grasp he may have had of American values and American exceptionalism.

We are not about deals. We are about freedom, liberty, justice and democracy.

Below are drawings I did as I watched the summit.

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