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The Georgia Runoff Senate race has much significance

The runoff Senate race in Georgia in the early days of 2021 has deep significance. It will determine who controls the majority of the Senate. This is important for the incoming President and Vice President Biden and Harris, because it will be less contentious for them as they work to get things accomplished. The Senate will be barely blue, but it will have a majority of Democrats, as will the House, so this will be helpful. I am old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans worked togther to get things done for the good of the people. Lately, this is not the case, but if the Senate is majority blue, it will be less contentious.

In the above drawing, I replaced the Statue of Liberty’s torch with an image of the Senate. The torch that she typically holds is meant to represent a beacon, a welcome to all to join us in the United States for a life of freedom.

I drew the Senate building in its place and colored it blue. As one of the three branches of our democratic system, it represents our democracy at work. In this case, I chose to paint it blue because I believe the Democratic Party, that is associated with blue, has in recent years been a truer and more honest guardian of our democracy. A real representative of the United States, and a party that welcomes and encourages others to join us here.

I am hopeful that the Democrats will win the majority of the Senate with the election of Ossoff and Warnock.

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