Waiting On Georgia

Liza Donnelly
2 min readAug 14

We’re waiting to hear from the Grand Jury in Atlanta, Georgia about a possible indictment of Trump, which could possibly happen today. If you read about the things Trump and his allies said and did to try to overturn the results of the 2020 election, it’s shocking (I watched it at the time it happened, but reading it all in print again today was incredible). The NY Times characterizes it by writing that he went to “extraordinary lengths” to overturn the results. What’s even more shocking is that so many people — his followers — don’t care. They believe all the charges are fake. Trump continues to appeal to his base in rallies and on social media, saying to them that he’s being “indicted for you.” He is simply appealing to their self interest, which they believe will be served if Donald Trump is president again; when in fact, the primary reason Trump wants to be president again is to pardon himself. However: if he is convicted in the Georgia case, he cannot pardon himself.

I’m reading “And Then There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle;” it is remarkable the connections that can be made between the years leading up to the Civil War and now. I believe this is one of the most crucial periods in our Democracy since the Civil War. Of course these are not new thoughts. Trump’s base of support is primarily white Americans who feel powerless, as if they are losing control of a lifestyle (and set of beliefs) they are accustomed to. For them, Trump is the only person who cares about their way of life. I believe the primary spark (there were many sparks) that ignited the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was the presidency of Barack Obama.

So we wait. If I could somehow make this all go away, I wish I knew how.

But here is a cat cartoon that might make you smile while we wait.

Liza Donnelly

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