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Together, we can make change

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One hundred years ago, the 19th Amendent was ratified after decades of struggle. In order to convince white men that women should vote, black, brown and white Suffragists had to battle cultural and politcal forces. Like today, it was a divisive, complicated political time 100 years ago. Even with the 19th Amendment ratified, women of color and Asian women were supressed from voting. Their fight for the right to vote was just beginning.

Voting is the most important tool we have as Americans to express what we believe is right. Today, voter supression continues with far too much racism and sexism.. To affect change, it takes personal hard work and cultural accountability — which unquestionably goes hand in hand with the exercising of our vote.

All women today who push for change are doing so on the backs of the many black, brown and white women (and male allies) in the late 1800’s and up until 1920 who fought for equality. We must all work together for change and remember how hard it was for them.

And we must vote.

We still live in a white man’s system; the struggle to break free of the restrictions of that system continues.

Many thanks to my follower, Amy Egenberger, who suggested the words of the banner in my drawing.

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