Trump Slides Down The Market Fall

It’s his doing that will be his undoing

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This week we witnessed a few dramatic drops in the stock market. The reason is primarily stemming from fear at the news that Covid-19 cases are rising in the US and globally. Ironically, Trump has ignored and downplayed the seriousness of the virus, and constantly argued for the need to open up the country again, virus be damned. He will not listen to experts, doctors and scientists — it’s just not good (he thinks) for his re-election. He has been campaigning on the economy — which for him is just the stock market, never mind most people don’t even have stocks. And a lot of people are struggling financially, don’t have enough to eat.

My drawing depicts Trump falling down, bumping and sliding along the stock market downturn. Maybe it means he will lose the election.

We will see.

Live drawing on Instagram. Follow me there (lizadonnelly) to watch me draw and talk about the issues every weekday at 5pm EST.

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