The news is reporting that Trump is trying to make a “come-back” with his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma today. This, after recent blows to his administraion in terms of key Supreme Court decisions and John Bolton’s tell-all book.

Trump has not had one of his trademark political rallies since March 3. My opinion is that his rally today in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a tight-rope walk that attempts to manage the unnecessary covid-19 exposure of people attending the rally, and the racial tension of recent weeks. Events which were exacerbated by, at first, the planning of this rally on Juneteenth (which was changed due to pressure) and then holding it in Tulsa Oklahoma, the site of the 1921 Tulsa masacre.

Trump has not spoken to the difficulties of recent heightened racial tensions , and he has not spoken in sympathy towards the thousands of people who have died of Covid-19.

He just hopes to be re-elected.

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