Trump Is Driving A Doomed Car

It’s not Thelma and Louise, but it comes to mind

The news is breaking so fast, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. But it does feel like 1973 — the middle of the Watergate Scandal, and the beginning of the end for President Nixon — all over again. This time however, I’m an adult and can draw a little better.

The Democrats are beginning an impeachment inquiry and Trump and his administration are responding with defiance and anger. To me, it feels like they — Trump and the men closely around him — are backed into a corner.

In my drawing above, I reference two famous movies, Thelma and Louise and All The President’s Men. While what is happening now with Trump does have elements of what happened in Watergate, and in the movie All The President’s Men, it does not really mirror what was going on with the characters in the fictional movie Thelma and Louise. I don’t want to spoil that movie for you if you have not seen it, but I wonder if Trump and his men might consider the option chosen by the two women in the final moments of the film. The point is: what choice now do they have?

I don’t wish anyone any serious harm — it’s a visual metaphor, and just a cartoon.

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