His rhetoric is emboldening hate groups

Yesterday, the FBI announced it had arrested a group of men belonging to an anti-government organization plotting to kidnap Michigan Govenor Gretchen Whitmer. They were planning on taking her from her home and storming the State House to try her for treason. Really. It sounds like a movie or a series, but this is real. And frightening.

I have learned that there is a history of anti-government groups in Michigan. What’s alarming (if that were not alarming enough) is that they feel emboldened now. This past summer, Trump and Govenor Whitmer clashed over covid restrictions, he called her names and called her stupid — and then during a rally, he yelled to the crowd in Michigan, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” Some groups in Michigan were/are angry that Whitmer enacted restrictions to stop the spread of the corona virus. They were following Trump’s cue in ignoring science and flouting safety measures to end the pandemic.

This is of course a pattern of his. Incitement. When Trump refused to denouce white supremiscist groups last week during the debate, he instead encouraged them — mentioning the violent group Proud Boys — by saying “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” he was clearly encouraging them.

Trump is fanning the flames of hate.

I believe he does this out of an egotistical need to have people like him, follow him, worship him, always agree with him, call him great, etc….and he needs to be reelected to feed his narcissism.

I drew the above during my daily live drawing on HappsTV and Instagram. Follow me to watch me draw and comment on the day’s news.

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