The White House, Before And After

Let the sunshine in

Since the election, I have increasingly felt more normal. The final straw was when the current administration signaled it would cooperate in the transition. Then on top of that, President-Elect Joe Biden started making appointments to his cabinet, and it appears to be a group who are thoughtful, kind, competent, honest — and logical —people.

It’s as if the sun is returning. I feel badly for those whose candidate lost, and that’s an honest statement. I don’t understand why they voted for him, but that’s another column. But I do believe that Joe will work for all of us, he means it when he says that.

Let the sunshine in. Not only for us to see what our governement is doing, but also for us to feel less stressed and confused and dark. I look forward to a happy, giving and inclusive White House.

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Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor.

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