The Insurgency Was Not Just One Day

We have to stop it NOW

I drew this the afternoon of the assualt by domestic terrorists on Capitol Hill. When things happen in the news, my first thought is how can I draw it? That day was no different. I didn’t think I could draw it, I was too emotional. But that’s when I said to myself, you have to draw it. I got my iPad and drew my impressions of what I was seeing on the television.

It was a horrific, frightening display of white priviledge. And the more we began to hear about what actually happened, it becomes clear racism was at play on many fronts. Of course it was not just the terrorists who carried Trump flags, confederate flags, displayed a noose and wore “Auschwitz Camp” t-shirts. I want to know where the racism extends, and if it goes deep into the line of power of Capitol Police Chief Sund, who resigned the next day. Who decided that more police presence, or military presence, was not needed for this pro- Trump rally? Who made the decision to activate heavy military presence for a BLM protest earlier last year in DC, and not for this? How far back into the Trump administration does all this lead us? All need to be held accountable.

We saw this coming, everyone is saying that, and it’s true. We have to put Trump in jail. Remember, he said before the insurgency, as he incited the mob into violent action, “This is only the beginning.”

I drew this again later in the evening, this time on paper and for my daily broadcasts on Instagram and HappsTV, which you can watch here. I talk about it all as well, as I draw.

Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor.

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