The Day After, Month After, Years After

September 11th, 2001

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The above image was drawn a month after 9/11, 2001, and published in The New Yorker. Little did I know then that, sadly for this little girl, we would not be able to stop worrying. In fact, our worry about the world has increased because of 9/11 — if only because we are much more aware of our interconnectedness with other global communities. When the United States was attacked, we joined millions of others who are subjected to terrorist violence on a daily basis.

If terrorism pulls us apart, it also can bring us together. It brought the United States together on that fateful September day, and brought Americans closer to the world, as we felt their support. Recent political trends here and abroad threaten to make any togetherness explode.

We can’t forget the shared feeling of support as we continue to worry together, globally.

Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor.

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