Saying Good Morning On Twitter

And, of course, Twitter cartoons

I was invited to submit a cartoon for a gala auction to benefit a journalist organization. The organizer liked my submission (below) because, he said, “we are very long on Trump cartoons!” So many of the other editorial cartoonists who donated work, donated cartoons about Trump, I think he felt my cartoon was refreshing. A drawing about culture, nonetheless political.

I’m fairly certain this was my first Twitter cartoon, and I’ve done quite a few (see below!). I drew it in 2010; The New Yorker didn’t buy it so I sold it to Salon. I then used it in my TED talk that same year, and later put it in my book called “When Do They Serve The Wine?” The inspiration for this idea came from the Arab Spring, when many Americans were just discovering Twitter and following/tweeting about the revolution going on in Tunisia, bringing attention to what was going on on the ground. We were understanding the power of Twitter and the possible influence of social media on political events. We now know that this power is fierce, and can be corrupted for financial or political gain.

Drawing editorial cartoons comes in many forms — historically we cartoonists have drawn about politicians, pundits, leaders, rulers, wars, global summits and more. But what about the political cartoons that are about culture?

My belief is that much change comes through individuals. In that way, how we behave in a given culture is political. For many, every day is political — navigating racism, sexism and classicsm. Drawing about these issues and how they manifest themselves in our world — either in a good way or a bad way — is as important as drawing wars and leaders. These type of drawings illuminate; they show us ourselves.

Twitter gets a bad rap — some people do use it for horrible reasons. But many use it for good, and it has shown to be a force of positive information and ideas. It is arguable what role, if any, Twitter played in the Arab Spring. For myself, I use Twitter for positive communication, just as I use my cartoons to share ideas and thoughts.

Every morning I greet my Twitter followers with a varying version of “Good Morning!” I do this not just to be positive towards them, but I do it for myself as well. It helps me start my day in an upbeat way.

Yesterday, a follower asked if I would draw my good morning greeting. So I drew the drawing below on my phone and sent it out.

The world needs more positivity.

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For fun, here are more of my twitter cartoons:

Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor.

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