Trump’s Tantrum

Schumer and Pelosi’s Parenting

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How do I respond to being upset? I draw.

I made a point of watching the president’s Oval Office address the other day about the border wall, and the response from the democrats. I needed to see for myself what he was going to say. Whenever there is a national event of some note, I consider drawing it. So I thought about this event and thought to myself “eh — -no, I dont need to draw Trump talking at a desk.” As notable an event as it might end up being— even the networks debated long and hard whether to carry the speech live because of the way the president was possibly abusing the airtime — I decided I wasn’t going to draw it. But as I listened, I was overcome with a need to respond. Perhaps if my husband had been in the room, it would have been enough to just vent to him.

I realized: I have to draw this. I knew it would be over in like three minutes. My iPad (which I usually use for live drawing) was across the room, and I was too settled watching the TV on the couch. Plus there was little time to hesitate. I grabbed my ever-present iphone and began drawing with my finger.

I drew Trump, and captured what I thought was the essence of his speech: to instill fear. Then I drew Speakers Pelosi and Schumer in their response to the president, and the essence of their speeches: they feel the president is acting like a child.

These drawings were then put on twitter, instagram and the response was immediate.

These drawings were my gut response. A way for me to cope. A way for me to share with my friends and followers.

A way to say, “did you see this?”

And I think people respond to this kind of drawing because they, too, are looking for a way to vent or share their feelings.

Maybe my drawings help a little bit.

Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor.

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