Pub Day For Very Funny Ladies!

Liza Donnelly
3 min readMar 2, 2022

In 2005, after two years of research and writing, Funny Ladies:The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons was published. It was so wonderful to spend time in the New Yorker archives, living in the past while reading correspondence between artists and editors at the iconic magazine. It was basically pre-internet, so finding information about the women was not always easy. Ultimately, what I found was inspirational and made writing the book a joy.

It’s been a long time coming, but today is the official launch of the new edition of that book, this time called Very Funny Ladies. For this new book, I found new information about the women from history. After interviewing many of the new cartoonists who identify as women, I wrote a fresh introduction and additional chapter to reflect the positive changes and increase in women drawing for the magazine. Senior Editor David Remnick and Cartoon Editor Emma Allen contributed a wonderful foreword. And of course, there are many new cartoons.

It was supposed to come out last November, then February this year and finally it’s March 1. I know I am not alone but rather among other authors who have had their pub dates moved because of covid! But I am glad it is out, and I can also do many events in person now! Here are the events, some of which will be virtual and some in person, some both.

March 5, 1–3pm PT: The Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, CA. Talk and signing. In person only.

March 8, pm ET: Liza in conversation with John Dickerson, Sidwell Friends School, Only event only.

March 11, 4pm CT: SXSW, Austin Texas. Panel discussion with cartoonists Navied Mahdavian, Zoe Si and Cartoon Editor Emma Allen. In person only.

March 15, 6pm PT: Keplers Bookstore, CA. Liza in conversation with Angie Coiro. Online event only.

March 18th, 7pm, ET. Politics and Prose Books, Washington DC. Liza in conversation with Sara Lautman. In person only.

Liza Donnelly

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