Optimism In The Face Of Trump

There is no alternative to Impeachment

Like many others, I was on the fence concerning impeachment, believing that it would simply divide us even more. But like many, I have changed my mind. The behavior of Trump is threatening our democracy, our Republic, and it needs to be addressed in a very serious way. Impeachment is serious, and it sends a message that what he is doing is not okay. We probably don’t even know the whole of it; the Ukrainian phone call and cover-up may be just one small example of the rogue, self-serving, egotistical behavior of our current president.

I am optimistic that we can arrest this arrogant chipping away at our democratic system. It’s just a small crack, even if there are more examples like the Ukraine mess. Trump may not be removed from office with impeachment, that’s not necessarily the point right now. What is important is that we protect our system, utilize the amazing checks and balances that are designed to – and in fact do – work so well. And stop Trump from doing more harm to our country.

If you look at the history of our democracy, we have been through other horrible periods. We will get past this, perhaps stronger than before.

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