Get Him And His Dangerous Ego Gone

Liza Donnelly
3 min readJul 13, 2022

The January 6th Committee is uncovering a lot

More January 6th hearings happened yesterday, my sketches from the day are below. We heard some of the testimony form Trump’s lawyer, Pat Cipillone, who was close to the former president during the violence. Today showed us in what way the far right extremists groups, such as Proud Boys, are connected to Trump leading up to the January 6th attempted coup. I am hopeful that things are falling apart in slow motion for Trump, we shall see. A recent poll from the NYTimes indicates that half of the GOP are “ready to leave Trump behind.” Let’s hope that’s true and let’s hope it grows larger.

I just drew the above sketch with Trump perched on the edge of his ego. It is an imperfect idea drawing, but I think there is something there. He certainly wouldn’t jump. But the January 6th committee is pushing him to the edge. Ego drove him to insight the mob on Jan 6th. Heck, ego drove him to run for president. A dangerous narcissist, it’s all about him, how to advance himself, how to pleasure himself, how to show how important he thinks he is. I recall the incident at the NATO world gathering of leaders with him as president, how he shoved his way into the limelight. He needs the “huge” crowds, the adoring fans, the crazed followers, the power-hungry politicians to perpetuate the lie of his ego.

This drawing below was from a while ago; it seems way too mild now, knowing what we know.

It’s very serious. I keep trying to think of ways to make sure he doesn’t get re-elected. As a private citizen, other than voting, what are my options? Will the truth actually get him gone?

Another drawing from a few years ago:

The January 6th Committee is doing a fantastic job bringing everything to our attention. I hope enough people are watching. I hope the Justice Department is closely examining all that we are seeing.

Trump is way more than just a headache, he is a clear and present threat to our democracy.

Here are some sketches of poignant moments from the hearings yesterday:

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