Fear And The Rise Of Demagogues

France and U.S., post-terrorism

When I was searching for political ideas to draw about this week, I just could not help but notice certain similarities between France and the US at this point in time. And what I saw is that as a result of horrible terrorist attacks, there is a surge in the polls for Donald Trump in the US, and the continued rise of ultra conservative politician Marine Le Pen in France. From what I understand, they are cut from the same cloth and are gaining in popularity simply because the public is fearful. These two politicians are using fear to gain ground with their campaigns, and this in itself is very frightening. I of course am more familiar with what is happening here in the US, and this underbelly of the GOP that supports Trump is terrifying. Trump is attempting — and succeeding — to appeal to people’s racism, sexism, classism, bias and hatred. I’m not a historian, but we’ve seen this before and we have seen how devastating it can end up.

This cartoon was drawn specifically for Politico Europe. Coincidentally, there was an article in today’s New York Times on this exact subject; “Voter Insecurities Feed Rise Of Right-Leaning Populist Politicians”

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