Sometimes it just needs to be said in a drawing

I draw all kinds of things, some funny, some not, some with a clear idea, some just a thought. Below is a drawing I did out of a constant feeling that people need to recognize that to some degree, women are all in the same boat. It doesn’t matter where we live — the problems we face are similar around the globe. The differences are only location and degree of severity. Think about it: low pay, harassment, abuse, disrespect, lack of agency, unequal pay, sexual objects, violence….I could go on.

How do we work together to bring about change? Recognizing and acknowledging that there is problem is a start, and realizing that solutions are not going to be universal, that what works for one community may not work for another. Change comes from awareness, legislation, voting, and cultural shifts, and one person at a time.

Women are all different, but we are the same in the need for equality.

Then right after I drew the above, I drew this. Not sure why.

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