Drawing The Final Hours at the Trump Trial

The people rest

Liza Donnelly
6 min readMay 21, 2024

The people rest.

The defense rests.

The first criminal trial of a former president has come close to a conclusion today. The attorneys for both sides will present their closing arguments next week and then the judge will charge the jury. They will then deliberate.

I decided to go down this morning, even thought I knew it might be only for a few hours. Yesterday, the judge had asked both sides how much time they needed to finish questioning Robert Costello and they indicated not much time. But I thought, you never know. The defense could potentially change its mind and bring someone else, or who knows, even Trump might decide to testify. It was unlikely, but a possibility.

So this morning while on line, I drew this woman who is there every day. She gathers the trash that has accumlated in the night from the line-sitters.

The policeman who is charged with keeping us in line, so to speak, walked by numerous times. His gate is urgent. There was a person sitting cross-legged on the ground slumped over. He actually asked the onlooker (also a line sitter, I think), this question: