Drawing Day Two of the Carroll v Trump Rape Trial

Liza Donnelly
5 min readApr 28
Reporters waiting

Wednesday was the second day of the E. Jean Carroll vs. Donald Trump Civil Trial in Manhattan. It was a tense day, Ms. Carroll was to testify against Trump. I was there to live draw what I saw, and below are the sketches I did during the proceedings. I was in the gallery about five rows back from the area where the action happened, and had a very clear view of the judge and the witness stand. When presenting and interrogating, the lawyers’ backs were to us in the audience. I could also see about two thirds of the jury. You may have already read a bit about the trial, and so my report will be mostly drawings and some of commentary about what I heard and saw.


Ms. Carroll and two of her team arrived. Her expression remained almost the same throughout the day; during the day she smiled a few times, ever so slightly, but even when she was upset (she cried briefly twice), her face remained static and expressionless. When she was on the witness stand, she sat upright and still, turning only on occasion to see or speak to the Judge.

Judge Kaplan and Trump lawyer Tacopina

Before the jury arrived, there was information shared by the lawyers that Eric Trump had posted on twitter something about the case. Mr. Trump’s lawyer said he had no idea about it.

Trump Attorney Tacopina at top, Judge Kaplan and Carroll Attorney Kaplan

Judge Lewis Kaplan, who had already scolded Mr. Tacopina for Trump’s posts on Truth Social, proceeded to warn the attorney to tell his client not to do this potential jury tampering, admonishing him to do better.

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