Drawing Day Four of the Carroll V Trump Civil Rape Trial

There were a lot of sidebars

Liza Donnelly
4 min readMay 2, 2023

It was a long day, so I am just going to post the drawings tonight. I hope you can get an idea from my words and sketches, which are not in any particular order. The whole day was mostly cross examination of Ms. Carroll from Trump’s lawyer Tacopina. She was poised and strong, only occasionally showing a slight frustration in her responses. Before answering some questions, she took moments of noticable silence to choose the right words; other times she curtly answered quickly. Mr. Tacopina, Trump’s lead attorney, seemed disorganized, something that annoyed Judge Kaplan. There were numerous sidebars. It seems as if Mr. Tacopina is trying to show that Ms. Carroll is untruthful, made it all up for money and fame, but she is pushing back. He is trying to point out inconsistencies. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and of course it’s hard to know what will happen. But Ms. Carroll’s testimony is strong and believable, in my opinion.

I used different pencils today, and touches of color. I brought a tiny watercolor set and a brush with water to add some color. Tell me what you think. One thing about working on paper as opposed to drawing digitally, is one has to scan the drawings at the end of the day. And the subtleties of grey pencil and light watercolor make for difficult…