Donald Trump’s Facade

Nothing you see or hear is true, and never has been

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I’ve lived in New York most of my adult life, so I have been well aware of Donald Trump for decades. Most New Yorkers know that he is a shell, all bravado and talk and flash. He is the example of a man who says things about himself enough such that it is believed. If anything, Trump is a master at fooling people, convincing them he is something he is not. This began the moment his father lifted him up to be the face of Trump Enterprises. Not because of his skill at running a company, but because of his skill at deception, lying, cheating and manipulating.

The New York Times report released yesterday about Trump’s taxes and his financial dealings shines a very bright light on all of this. As does his neice Mary Trump’s book, Too Much And Never Enough, in which she details his rise to fame and the dynamics of the Trump family.

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