Dogs In The White House Again

Joe and Jill love animals, and that’s key

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I love dogs, so it’s especially wonderful for me — and I suspect many of you — that the President-elect and First Lady have two dogs. We will once again have !! Both German Shepards, the Bidens got Champ in 2008, so he is familiar with the White House from Joe’s time as Vice President. Their second dog Major, whom they adopted from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. Major will be the first rescue dog to live in the people’s house.

There is a long history of dogs in the White House, and the Clintons even had a cat named Socks. Not sure about other animals — but dogs are what Americans really relate to. And the fact that Joe and Jill have two dogs makes them even more appealing as people. I can’t wait for photos of how the two canines are adjusting to their new residence.

When Joe was campaigning, he used to give out little stuffed versions of Champ to children whom he would meet on the campaign trail.

I want one.

Every weekday, I live draw and talk about the days news on , and this sketch of Biden and his two dogs was yesterday’s live draw. To get notification of my daily drawing, you can follow me there. And I would love it if you became a sponsor.

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