Cracks In Our Democracy

So much is wrong and needs to be fixed

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Tuesday night, November 17th, the Board of Elections in Detroit — consisting of two Republicans and two Democrats — almost didn’t certify votes in the Democratic Wayne County in Detroit. The two Republicans initially refused to certify the votes, then when there was an uproar and accusations, they changed their minds. The votes were then certified. Here is the , which I quote here:

Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit on Wednesday accused President Trump’s allies in Michigan’s most populous county of racism after in majority-Black precincts — while ignoring similar problems in heavily white areas.

Mike Duggans spoke about the events the next day:

“You could see the racism in the behavior last night,” Mr. Duggan said at a news conference Wednesday. “American democracy cracked last night, but it didn’t break. But we are seeing a real threat to everything we believe in.”

After reading the above, the image for the above drawing appeared in my head. Trump loyalists are spreading his racisim and hate and will continue to do so if not stopped. Trump and Trumpism is not going away, even when the man leaves the White House.

It will create further cracks in our freedom and democracy if we don’t stop the chipping away.

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