We need to keep an eye on them

I have been worried about the chipping away of our Democracy. It’s visible if you look closely, and we need to look closely. The Repubican Party is working on the State legislative level to undermine what we stand for: freedom, justice and equality. They are making voting righst more difficult for minorities, banning the teaching of critical race theory in schools, and challanging the certified presidential election, threatening a woman’s right right to choose. I am sure there’s more.

We have to keep an eye on what they are doing and respond…

We are now in a climate emergency

Live drawing for different causes is something I love to do, and drawing for the environment is no different. Live reporting in drawings of events can bring attention to an issue on social media, and serve to pull viewers into the discussion. Recently I did just that for a TEDx Event hosting the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. Trisha Bauman, Vice President of the ISSP Governing Board and TEDx-ISSP co-organizer, invited me to participate. Trisha is a friend and was my brilliant coach for my TED talk. …

President Biden and the two powerful women who stand behind him

Last night, President Biden delivered his first State Of The Union Address, and I live drew it. Before he began his remarks, he addressed Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi, acknowledging the historic moment. Two women — Harris and Pelosi — stood behind him on the podium for the first time in the history of our country. I missed this moment, unfortunately, but I drew it this morning from a photograph, I was so moved by this fact.

Below are the drawings that I completed in real time during…

A very diverse evening

As pandemic awards shows go, this Oscar evening was pretty good, it got the job done and there were some beautiful outfits (both men and women). I was not allowed to be there in person as I have for five years running. The Academy allowed minimal press at the event. But I live drew it from my monitor at home as best I could. Much like I did my first Oscar live-drawing in 2015. There is absolutely nothing like being at an event in-person in order to live draw it. I am able to capture so much more, particularly behind…

All they wanted was to help George Floyd

Republicans are not listening or hearing any of the Impeachement Trial

Most — not all — of the Republican Party is not paying attention to the dramatic impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The GOP Senators are to be jurors in this trial; instead some of them chose not to listen or look at any of the prosecution’s presentations, which was very powerful and emotional. Some, including Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, are even assisting the defense.

The blinders they are wearing are Trump blinders. They are blocking their own ears. These GOP members who are not going to convict Trump are only looking out for their own re-election and they have…

She helps us see our trauma and the injustice of “just move on”

I was moved as I listened and watched AOC talk about the January 6th attack on the Capitol. She was in the Capitol that day, of course, and felt in danger for her life. AOC created a video wherein she talks about that day and how it felt. She also shares with us that she is the survivor of sexual assault, but yet says anyone who experienced trauma would understand the terror, and the horrific reverberations of that day. She explains the painful words of many (mostly) white Republican men in the Senate who say, “just move on,” as if…

Many of them are out to squash it

In all my years watching our world, I have never seen anything like what we are witnessing with the Republican Party. So many of them would rather step on the truth for their own ambitions. In our Senate, all but five Republicans are chosing to ignore the complicit actions of the former president in the Capitol siege on January 6th. Some republicans— specifically Oregon State GOP members — are even spreading lies about the siege, trying to convince others that the siege was instigated by democrats to discredit Trump.

My dear Uncle…

Liza Donnelly

Visual journalist/writer for New Yorker, New York Times, CBS News, CNN. TED, SXSW speaker. Looking to change world w humor. lizadonnelly.com

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